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Digitally Designed and Fabricated (3D Printed) Orthopedic Casts and Braces for Fracture Management

The future of orthopedic casting technology

The first digitally fabricated orthopedic cast in the US available on a commercial basis.

EXO3D orthopedic casts and braces represent the future of orthopedic technology. The casts and braces are digitally fit to the patient using a 3-dimensional scan of the patient's limb. MedFab3D custom designed 3D printers produce the cast or brace typically within 24 hours of fit approval (time could vary based on cast type).

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EXO3D orthopedic casts and braces are delivered through the physician's office or clinic. MedFab3D provides all of the support needed for delivery by working the the physician's medical staff to acquire the data needed to manufacture the cast. MedFab3D offers free training to utilize the EXO3D casting system and support for application and removal.

Digital Measurement

The patient's limb is measured using a 3D scanner at the physician's office. The process takes minutes. If the injured limb cannot be used for imaging, the uninjured limb may be used.

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Digital Cast Fitting

The digital scan of the patient's limb is used to create a digital model. the model can be positioned for the type of cast prescribed. MedFab3D creates the cast from the digital data and communicates with the physician's office to evaluate fit before the cast is produced.

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Digital Manufacturing

Once the fit and style has been verified with the physician's office, the cast or brace is manufactured on our custom designed 3D printers.

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Clinical Delivery and Application

The completed cast of brace is delivered to the physician's office or clinic. The casting technician applies the cast or brace to the patient utilizing the fasteners and training provided by MedFab3D. The application of the cast takes less than 20 minutes.

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EXO3D casts are designed to be removed easily in less than 5 minutes without the use of a cast saw. MedFab3D uses a unique fastener design to close the cast that simplifies application and removal. The cast may be reapplied to the patient after removal with the use of new fasteners (provided free of charge). This process allows the cast to be easily removed during treatment for examination or imaging.


EXO3D casts are waterproof when used with Delta-Dry or similar synthetic padding. The cast is resistant to staining and may be worn in the shower. The casts are smoother than traditional fiberglass casts. The cast material is an FDA approved copolyester plastic that is tough and durable. The cast is manufactured with small holes that allow the cast to drain water and dry easily. The cast may be cleaned using warm (no hot) tap water. If the cast is excessively dirty, it can be removed by the physician's office or clinic for cleaning and reapplication.


EXO3D casts and braces are unconditionally guaranteed. MedFab3D will replace any cast or brace component that prematurely wears or becomes unusable at no cost.

Cast and Brace Types

EXO3D casts and braces are available in a variety of types for the lower arm and leg. MedFab3D has the ability to do custom designs for casts or braces not in our inventory. Contact MedFab3D for more information about custom designs.

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Custom Fit

Digitally Fabricated

(3D Printed)



Easy Removal

Patient is digitally scanned and measured for cast

Fit can be digitally evaluated before fabrication

Cast design can be reviewed by Physician or cast technician before fabrication.

Design can easily be modified if a fit issue is found during use

Cast is digitally fabricated after design at our local print lab

The cast can be reproduced exactly if damage occurs or the cast needs to be replaced.

Our equipment is specialized for manufacturing orthopedic casts with significantly lower operating costs than our competitors equipment.


Lighter than a comparable fiberglass cast

Cooler when used with Delta-Dry padding compared to a fiberglass cast

Cast is smoother than fiberglass.

Can be worn in the shower.

Lower risk of skin breakdown due to improved hygienic nature of product

Waterproof when used with Delta-Dry padding

Stain Resistant

Strong and Tough

L-Pins of cast designed to absorb shock and can replaced if broken.

Cast is far less likely to replaced due to nature of design

Cast can be removed without a cast saw

Cast can be removed in minutes

Cast can be reapplied after removal with new L-Pins

Customizable for Medical Treatment




Product Support

Surgical cast version can be sterilized

Easy removal for examination

Features can be added for bone stimulation or to facilitate pin removal

Padding can easily be changed when drainage is present from injury site

Cast material is easier to clean when compared to a fiberglass cast

Cast can be removed for cleaning and padding change

Cast can be cleaned with water while wearing

Improved Hygiene

Lower Risk of Odor

Dries Quickly

This is the future of orthopedic casting

Product is engineered for purpose

First digitally manufactured cast available in the US on a commercial basis.

Cast designs are parametric and cast design is generated from customized fit data take from a digitized scan of the patient

Fit of cast can be digitally verified before fabrication

Multiple designs for the end design can be evaluated to determine the best clinical approach when required

Cast can be removed and reapplied without loss of cast integrity

When our casts are no longer needed the cast can be recycled with other materials under the #1 Recycling Code

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Free on-site training for medical staff to use the Exo3D cast system

On-site support to medical staff for cast delivery and removal

We unconditionally guarantee our product and will replace the cast at no cost if breakage occurs or a defect is found

Patient Benefits


Stylish Design

Patient can continue active lifestyle as injury allows

Patient can shower and swim while wearing the cast

Cast can be cleaned to maintain hygiene

Padding of cast can easily be replaced if padding is worn or soiled

Less patient stress during removal

Reduced Odor

Provider Benefits

Higher Patient Satisfaction

Patient less likely to need to be recasted

Cast can be reapplied with new padding if a change is required

Technology will be a marketing benefit to attract patients to your organization or practice

The EXO3D cast system allows more options for patient treatment with customization potential

Technology is state of the art

Available Models

Short Arm
Thumb Spica
Radial Gutter
Ulnar Gutter

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Left Handed Thumb Spica Cast

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