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438 S. Emerson Ave
Greenwood, IN 46143 USA

438 S. Emerson Ave
Greenwood, IN 46143 USA

About MedFab3D

MedFab3D is a startup medical technology company that specializes in digital fabrication (3D Printing) and design technologies. We design and manufacture casts, braces, splints and prosthetic components that are customized to patient needs and manufactured on demand using 3D printing technologies. Our delivery system takes a clinical approach to this method by including the medical providers in our process to provide the inputs that are required to customize products for their patients.

MedFab3D Advantages

We are FDA registered to produce casts, braces, splints and prosthetic components.
We design and build our own 3D Printing equipment utilizing open source hardware and software technologies.
Our designs for our products are done in house using a parametric modeling process that allows greater flexibility and customization.
Once a product has been customized, the design can be reproduced exactly on demand to replace worn or broken parts.
Our processes integrate the medical providers into the delivery of our product.
Our print labs are regional allowing pooling of resources to allow for greater flexibility and utilization of equipment.
Our 3D print systems have a high degree of automation.
Our manufacturing times are low (dependent on the size of the product). We can produce a short arm cast in 6 - 8 hours after all required information is received.
We have a variety of materials available to customize our products.
Our costs are kept low because we own our own equipment and product designs.
We provide complete clinical support for our products from specification to delivery and removal.
MedFab3D provides onsite training at no cost to order and use our products.


What does the delivery process look like for a 3D printed product?

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Overview of the MedFab3D Clinical Delivery Process

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